7 Healthy Things That We Throw in Garbage Which We Think They Are Not Edible

It is known that certain portions of fruit and vegetables after cleaning are regularly thrown away as not edible. Although in most cases this is not a mistake , there are several examples where 99 percent of people throw away portions of fruit and vegetables which is very valuable for our health.

Check whether you are making any of these mistakes …

Melon seeds

These seeds are usually the first thing I that are thrown when we open the cantaloupe. But they are full of protein , fiber, vitamin E and magnesium. To make them tasty and delicious, bake them in the oven and pour them with olive oil.

Onion skin

Recent research confirms that the outer skins of onions provide an exceptionally rich source of plant compounds called flavonoids, especially the powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound, quercetin.Quercetin is under study as an agent for loweringLDL cholesterol and blood pressure, fighting allergies, reducing inflammation, enhancing muscle growth and function, treating depression, some forms of cancer, and other conditions.

The easiest way to incorporate the nutrients from the skins are by steeping them. Be it a soup, chili or a sauce, you can throw the skins in and let them stew in the liquid until you are done cooking. You can then take the skins out, as most of the nutrients will have steeped into your liquid, or you can choose to eat them.

You can also make a tea of them, using a tea ball and steeping them in boiling water.

Melon rind

Melon rind is rich in amino acid citrulline , which can improve your bloodstream. Put the rind in a solid, better quality blender along with melon fleshy center part that you would otherwise eat it, strawberries , and a little orange juice. You get tasty and refreshing smoothie .

Orange rind

You already know that orange rind smell great , but you probably didn’t know that it is rich in fiber, which have beneficially affect on your digestive tract , and vitamin C which would lift your immunity . You can grate the orange rind on chicken or fish  for better taste.

Broccoli leaves 

These leaves are triple win, because are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and calcium. Chop and place them in a pan with other vegetables and the rest of broccoli.

Top of celery

Believe it or not, these leaves are very tasty and full of magnesium, which helps build muscle , then calcium will strengthen bones, and vitamin C. Prepare celery top as any other leafy vegetables and add them to chicken soup or vegetable soup .

Stalks of chard

If you run into Swiss chard with a violet- red stalks, know that it is rich in carotenoids that act as antioxidants that are real fighters against diseases. Chard stalks are also full of vitamin K , an important ingredient to preserve bone health. For you to enjoy food that include stalks of Swiss chard, sweat them with mushrooms and onions , and enjoy a delicious addition , recommends ” the New York Post .”

*Please Note – ONLY use the fruit and vegetables outer parts if they are organic.

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