How to deal with dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes: NATURAL RECIPE

Dark circles can alert us to certain diseases, as kidney problems, anemia or other, but it can also be part of the genetic heritage.

If you have some kind of dark eye circles for years, but they are not caused by some other similar medical condition, it is likely the cause of inadequate nutrition.

How to “get rid of them”?

On the eyelids and the dark circles apply gel of aloe vera, you just have to be careful not to come into contact with the eye mucous membrane.

What is ideal is that if you add to this gel a little honey, a little milk and c, this mixture will remove not only dark circles but also wrinkles petty located around the eyes.

They will of course not go all through the night, you need to use this treatment for at least a month in order notice the effect from it.

You will also need to bring plenty of fluids, vitamin C in your organism, as well avoid too much eye strain.

Also consume nettle or parsley.

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