Miracle! This little baby girl awoke from a coma a few moments before doctors wanted to turn off the life support machine. Doctors are speechless …

In the French city of Marseille miracle happened. Girl aged one year woke a few minutes before being excluded from systems for life support.

The girl was placed in an artificial coma in September as a result of severe viral disease of the heart. But the child’s family had no more funds for their daughter to stay in the hospital. Father had even organized a donation campaign on the Internet, but even with the money collected, the funds were not sufficient.

Parents fought to keep the little baby girl alive even one more day.

Forecasts of doctors were not good – they believed that the child will no longer be able to move and feed independently. The time when doctors did not had any option but to exclude from support systems, the impossible happened – the child woke up.

Her parents are infinitely happy, and father claims the fight for the recovery of his daughter will continue.

According to data from the hospital, one-year Marwa is in stable condition and her treatment will continue.

The video in the article is published by the child’s parents page fundraising campaign on Facebook. In it the mother calls her daughter “princess of princesses.”

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