Mother left her baby with just three pit bulls for 5 minutes: When she returned after him, she was terrified by a shocking scene

One of the friends returned to the house to check the baby and he found the baby with horrific head injuries. Beside him stood a pit bull with a bloody muzzle.

The mother left her three weeks old baby alone in a room with three pit bulls to “only” five minutes so  she can came out with the guests in the courtyard of the house in Michigan. That was enough for the family to face a terrible tragedy.

Namely, the girl Susanna Jean Murray, was left in little set with the dogs, and when one of the friends returned to the house to check, he found her with head injuries. Beside her was standing a pit bull with a bloody muzzle.

The baby was immediately transported to hospital where he was operated, but died the next morning because of the injuries, reports Daily Mail.

“Our baby Susie, just three weeks old, joined the angels in heaven,” wrote the obituary.

No one was arrested because of this tragedy, and the animals were taken to quarantine.

“When you have a baby in the house, which is completely helpless, adults can not just leave it for any minute. This tragic event needs to serve as a reminder to all of us not to leave the children unattended with dogs, “he told the police.

Neighbors testified that the dogs were not peaceful and friendly.

We hope that we rise some awareness that you will not keep your pets in a same location with your small baby alone ever. Thank you and please share this article.

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