Oprah Winfrey Struggles With Excess Weight All Her Life. Now She Lost 15kg Naturally. This is Her Secret!!!

Glorious media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey admits she is dependent on food and that she could not completely abandon it, but she always adhered to these five tips .
The famed American host Oprah Winfrey has spent his life struggling with excess weight . She admitted that there is no diet that she haven’t tried , and now Oprah says she does not want to lose weight because her appearance, but because of her health.

But when she appeared at Tibeka Film Festival in New York a few days ago, all critics remained shocked by her new figure.

Oprah managed to loose up to 15 kg !

” The days when I wanted to be thick just so I can wear the clothes I like , but not to have the best body and best life are now behind me! She surely know – with age comes understanding and acceptance of our most valuable ‘ assets ‘ – health, ” said Oprah .

Presenter admits that she is dependent on food and could not completely abandon it, but she gives five tips to those who want to lose weight, and to which she constantly observe.

1. Don’t give up from what you like

Oprah loves potatoes and bread in every form, but she is aware that she could not eat in the desired quantity. So keep an eye on portion sizes and combine them with other nutrition .So instead of mashed potatoes, make mashed cauliflower which adds a potato because of texture and taste.

2. Eat plenty of fish

People who several times a week eat fish rich in omega – 3 fatty acids are generally healthier and happier, have lower blood pressure and lower risk of chronic diseases.

3. Replace snacks with fruits and vegetables

If you really want to lose weight , you must forget the processed snack foods full of salt and fat. When she wants something to snack, Oprah chooses miscellaneous fruit or crunchy vegetables, like carrots and celery root to satisfy the desire for something crunchy .
4. Practise yoga

Presenter admits that for years was ashamed to train yoga because she constantly fell in trying to put a pose. Then she began the training with online guides and slowly gained stability. Yoga relaxes and is great exercise for those who can not bear heavier activities like running .

5. Drink plenty of water

“That’s my problem . I don’t drink enough water, because I don’t love it” – honestly admits Oprah Winfrey. However , her insufficient intake of plain water she is trying to upgrade with teas or water flavored with various fruits , which is good in taste and make it easier to bear.

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