Parents Beware : New Bizarre School Game Can Harm Your Child

They wait for allergic reaction to show on people and expose their photos by publishing to social networks.

Australia is hit by new wave of violence among children at school, while at school children’s are forced to eat food or drink that they are allergic to, so they cause allergic reactions and endanger their lives.

Hospitals are often visited by children with painful swelling, choking and various severe allergic reactions because they are abused by their peers at school, new research has confirmed.

The survey showed that every 12th child in Australia is allergic to something and that these children are most often the target of bullies-peers in schools because they are vulnerable and are easy targets and because of this it is easy to isolate and abuse. “We found many cases in which children were forced, were ordered or were tricked into food or drink that are allergic to, for abusers to further embarrass their vulnerable peers in front of other children,” confirmed Andrew Fong from the University of New South Wales for “7News”.

“Abusers then photograph their peers, and photographs of children that are swollen and distorted by allergic reactions are publish on social networks and so this children’s are ashamed and isolated by society, because many of them have mental or emotional problems” – adds Fong.

The same survey found that Australia is not the only case – similar situations occur in America, Britain and other countries.

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