Place 3 Kitchen Sponges Inside Your Fridge… Amazing Video With Home Hacks That Will Save Your Money!!! The Results Will Amaze You!

You will no longer trow any fruit or vegetable, just because they become spoiled fast.
The ideas of ‘ordinary’ people sometimes tend to be really amazing! For example, did you know that if you put three different kitchen sponges in the refrigerator tray where you store fruits and vegetables will actually do something absolutely genius?

In fact, this way the excess moisture will be absorbed through the sponges, and fruits and vegetables will not spoil with such great speed, and so you will not have to trow away them in very short time period. These sponges can last up to 15 days, then it would be desirable to place new ones.

Do you maybe hate the smell of garlic and onions after you chop it? Try this trick with toothpaste, and he can help you to effectively clean and make your sneakers white again!

See the following video which is full of ideas and tricks that will absolutely make your life easier:

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