This is what you have to put in your home during the holidays for next year to be happy and healthy !!!

The holidays always give us hope, even when life does not go to our best. Therefore, feng shui masters advise us to call the good luck and health by our self.

In addition to positive thoughts, you should decorate your home in the following way:

Above all, it is important to thoroughly clean your home from floor to ceiling, tipping off all unnecessary things as dust and dirt. When you clean the home of the burden (unnecessary papers, bags, unused wardrobe etc.), decorate it with candles which you will regularly use. It is important to add decoration to your home in red, purple, silver and gold colors. Harmoniously distribute the decoration in the apartment, but pay attention to your home to have enough mirrors and lights.

Colors play a major role in attracting happiness and good health.

For example, the color green is used to improve the health and harmonious relationship in the family, so that color is placed on the east side of the house.

If you want your career in 2017 to move towards better, then decorate the house in blue, but put it in the northern part of your home.

Do not forget that during the holidays your home must glow with red color. This color belongs to the fire element , the Chinese associate it with happiness, Indians with the marriage, and the whole world respects this color as association for love and passion. According to Feng Shui this color marks wealth, happiness and luxury.

Therefore, use red color in abundance to call happiness and prosperity in 2017.

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