SCARY AND SAD: After the police looked into the baby’s mouth, the parents were immediately arrested !

Some people should not be parents. This couple from South Carolina beat and place toys in the mouth of their son. When they were arrested, they claimed that the toy exploded in the baby boy mouth!

Their stories did not match the one that have been found. Newborn had wounds on his body and fractures to both arms, and his left eye was swollen shut. The mouth of a child had also suffered serious injury.

To Hawkins was set bail deposit in the amount of $ 50,000, and Herron $ 25,000. Both are accused of negligence and violence against the child, and are awaiting trial.


Maybe it was a kid being berated by a parent in the mall; or a toddler slapped upside the head for not listening to Mom; or a father threatening his kid with the belt when his kid misbehaved at the park. But what is a bystander’s responsibility? Should you intervene? Call 9-1-1? And how do you know whether you’ve witnessed a one-time lapse in judgment—that parent’s worst parenting moment—or a clear indication of a larger and ongoing problem?

If the parent is upset that you’re getting involved, doesn’t feel she’s done anything wrong, or you get the sense she doesn’t care about her actions, following up with the local child-protection agency is a good idea, says Allen. Get the licence plate number or as much information as you can.

If you’re worried about meddling in another parent’s business, don’t be. It’s our job to pick up the phone and report what we’ve seen, then leave it to social workers to decide what happens next. “These incidents should be reported so social workers can follow up and assess if the incident is an indicator of a pattern of abuse or neglect, or simply a lack of parenting skills, a result of exceptional stress or some other explanation,” . The same goes for making a report about someone you know, like a neighbor or your kid’s friend’s parents. It’s tough to know when to intervene in these situations, but the same duty applies: Report what you’ve witnessed and let the pros take it from there.

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