When you see the hand of this heroin addict, you will never reach for drugs !!!

“I was in a clinic for the methadone treatment in the  last 4 and a half months and I stayed clean, and i passed all drug tests that I was given and I became ill Friday night and could not go to the clinic until Monday. Therefore I bought bag of heroin and i used it and here’s what happened. The bacteria that eat meat broke into my hand, i do not know, probably the needle was dirty and i did not know how this happened, it peeled the skin from my hand. I was in the hospital and they took out my skin from my thighs and put it in my arm. No skin on my thighs. Actually it looks pretty good as opposed to how it looked before. I am really happy that I’m still alive. ”

Here is the shocking video, caution it contains disturbing content !

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